Happy dog, happy home. Don’t forget about Fido when designing the interior of your home—after all, they spend more time laying around in it than you do… 😂 There are a lot of pet-friendly things that you can incorporate into your to make both your pup’s and your life easier. Keep reading for some inspiration!

Built-in Dog Bowl Area—With Water Spout!

Built-in dog bowl area

Instead of putting your dog’s food and water bowls in a corner somewhere (where, inevitably, water and food will get spilled everywhere), give your pooch his/her own food and water nook within your kitchen island. This one even has its own water spout for easy refilling! Now how’s that for royal treatment?!

Dog Food-Storing Bin

dog food storing bin

Photo courtesy of The Creativity Exchange

Here’s another easy way to get your doggo their food every day. Create a built-in storage bin for their food (preferably right next to their food bowl!) so it’s easily accessible come breakfast and dinner time. Just make sure the bin closes properly and your dog can’t get into it!

Dog Bed Alcove

dog pad

Photo courtesy of Decorpad

A throne fit for any good boy or girl, a dog bed alcove is perfect for putting into a nook or cranny of your home, like under the shelves of this built-in shelving unit. We’ve also seen them under kitchen cabinets and under the stairs (Harry Potter, anyone?).


dog kennel furniture

Photo courtesy of B&B Kustom Kennels

Dog kennels can be a real eyesore, but this custom one doubles as furniture—and looks super tasteful with a lamp and other interior decorations on it. Genius!

Drop Zone

401 Bickett Blvd Drop Zone Custom Design by Urban Building Solutions

Drop zones serve multiple purposes, including functioning as a storage area for your pet supplies. A drop zone is a great place to hide away dog toys and leashes, and Fido can even use it as a sunning perch while waiting for you to get back home!

We Can Give You a Paw

Custom home features are our specialty, so we’d love to help you construct one—or all!—of these design features into your home for your dog. Contact us today at 919-412-2230 or fill out our online contact form.