It’s spooky season! If you’re one of those people that starts decorating for Halloween a month before the holiday (or even if you wait until the day before—we’re not judging!), then we have some great advice for making your home look classy instead of cheesy. Follow our tips below and you’ll have your home ready for all kinds of spooktacular fun this month.

Choose a Monochromatic Color Palette

Everyone knows that orange signifies fall and Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you need to go overboard on bright orange decorations. Try choosing a monochromatic color palette like white or black for a bold wow factor.

black and white halloween decor

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Use Mini Pumpkins

Instead of huge pumpkins, use mini ones to decorate your home to keep the look chic and minimalist. If you’re painting your mini pumpkins, we recommend a neutral color palette of white, black, and some orange for a festive touch.

Geometric Carving

If you’re carving your pumpkins, try doing a cool geometric pattern instead of a face—save the faces for the kiddos! This unconventional twist will make your pumpkins stand out, and will be all the more appealing.

geometric carved pumpkins

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Dark Florals FTW

Set a moody vibe with dark florals—think dark red, inky purple, and pops of orange—that will make your home look both beautiful and festive.

Twinkly Lights

Since it tends to still be relatively warm during Halloween in Raleigh, take advantage of your outdoor space when having guests over by decorating your backyard with twinkly lights. For this spooky holiday, we love warm-toned bulbs.


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Creepy Cutouts

Instead of filling your yard with plastic decorations, consider placing some creepy cutouts in your front windows. They’re sure to frighten people from the street without making your yard look overboard.

Get Your Home Ready

If you’re considering renovating and/or adding on to your home this holiday season, don’t let the unknown frighten you! Give us a call to work with a pro at 919-412-2230, or fill out our online contact form.