Sure, the laundry room isn’t the most glamorous place in the house (raise your hand if you’re guilty of also using it as a catch-all storage closet!)… but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it look nice! And more importantly, it’s also one of the most significant spaces in your home—because we all need to do laundry. Here, we give you four ways to spruce up your laundry room in order to make it both more pleasant and functional.

Patterned Tile

Why not have a fun statement piece in the laundry room?! We added this gorgeous tile to this custom-built home to give the laundry room a little style and pizazz.

Marble-Topped Sink

Having a sink in your laundry room will change your life for the better! They’re great for pre-washing your clothes and/or rinsing your hands off if you happen to get detergent on them. And this marble-topped number makes the entire room feel modern and clean.

Incorporate Plants and Art

Laundry room with plants and art

Photo courtesy of Decoist

Breathe life into your laundry room with foliage, and add some art to spruce up the space like the laundry room here. A little greenery goes a long way! Cute signs add some fun flair, while art can really take your laundry room from drab to fab!

Organize Detergents, Etc. in Glass Jars

Laundry Room jars

Photo courtesy of Lauren McBride

Ditch the multicolored plastic bottles and organize your detergents, dryer sheets, bleach, etc. in labeled glass jars. They will make your space look pulled-together and tidy—and the labels will surely help you find whatever you’re looking for!

Spruce Up Your Laundry Room With UBS!

We pride ourselves in making every room of the home pleasing to the eye—including the laundry room! We’d love to help you spruce up your own laundry room. Call us at 919-412-2230 or fill out our online contact form to chat about what we can do for your home!