Hello, patio season! It’s officially that time of year again when people start to migrate outside for work and play—taking calls outside, going on long walks and/or runs, having meals and drinks al fresco, and lounging in the sun are becoming the new norm. Take the utmost advantage of your outdoor deck, porch, or patio space with our tips below.

Consider Covering

2613 Bedford Avenue Raleigh NC 27607 Built by Urban Building Solutions

A covered patio, deck, or porch space is great for those random rainy spring and summer days where it’s still warm enough to hang out outside but you don’t want to run the risk of getting drenched. Screening in your outdoor space also helps with bugs!

…Or Go For the Rooftop

227 Georgetown Road Raleigh NC 27608 Built by Urban Building Solutions Rooftop Fireplace

Having a covered outdoor space is nice and all, but a rooftop deck makes for such a cool factor. We love the neat corner rooftop space of this home, complete with gorgeous hardwood flooring, a firepit, and some modern fencing.

Firepit = S’mores

Speaking of firepits, nothing screams summer like roasting marshmallows over an open fire! An outdoor fire pit or fireplace will also help keep you warm while it’s still chilly at night.

Get a Bug Zapper

Trust us. Especially if you live near a heavily wooded area or body of water (and your outdoor space isn’t covered!), those mosquitos can get really irritating. Bug zappers are relatively cheap and make a huge difference. No one wants to be continuously swatting away bugs while trying to relax outside!

Comfy Furniture Is Key

2408 Kilgore Avenue: Custom Build by Urban Building Solutions

You’ll need something cozy to layout on when it finally gets warm and sunny enough to lounge about all day! Large outdoor couches are great for hosting dinner parties or friend and family get-togethers.

You’ll Need an Outdoor Table

If you’re expecting to host a majority of your meals outside as the weather starts to warm up (which we recommend!) you’ll find having a large outdoor table is crucial.

String Lights Bring the Whole Space Together

305 Georgetown Road Raleigh by Urban Building Solutions

Create a dreamy atmosphere with market lights strung across your outdoor space. It will make any occasion spent outside all the more lovely—and make you feel as if you’re at some fancy restaurant or resort rather than your own home!

Outdoor spaces are just one moving part of our beautiful custom-built homes. We would love to talk to you about building the home of your dreams—decks, patios, and porches included! Give us a call at 919-412-2230 or fill out our online contact form.