Over the summer, patios were king. We worked outside during the stay at home order, hosted socially-distanced dinner parties with our friends and family, and lounged in the sun on the weekend when there was nothing else to do. Now it’s wintertime and hanging out outside in 40-degree weather is less than ideal, but many people are still eager to get out of their homes and get a breath of fresh air. That’s where screened-in porches and decks come in—the perfect option for getting outside while staying semi-enclosed and protected from the elements.

Making your screened-in porch or deck cozy and warm allows you to continue your favorite summer activities throughout the winter months. Get a soft rug to ensure your toes stay warm, and load up the space with plenty of comfortable seating options—a couch, futon, some cozy chairs, and a ton of pillows are key to making your screened-in deck or porch a homey abode that you’ll want to spend all hours of the day—and maybe even through the night!—lounging in.

Plants will give the space a welcoming touch reminiscent of warm, sunny days and take away from the fact that it’s freezing outside. Make sure to choose plants that thrive in the wintertime and don’t need a ton of sun! Any type of cypres or evergreen will stay happy all season long and bring the green you might be missing from summer. If you want some color, consider grabbing skimmia japonica or winter-flowering heathers; these will be sure to brighten up your space and bring new buds each year. Twinkling string lights are another great decoration for a whimsical vibe that keeps it light even after the sun goes down. If you want an even more enclosed feel, put up curtains.

An outdoor fireplace or firepit will certainly keep you warm as well!

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An outdoor table—even a picnic table would work!—is excellent for working on by day and gathering around for dinner and drinks by night. When going out isn’t an option, having meals—takeout from a local restaurant or homemade—out on your screened-in porch or deck makes any meal feel like an event. Buy some decorative candles to create a moody atmosphere that’s on-par with your favorite restaurant.

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