There’s really nothing as satisfying as relaxing by the fire on a cold winter’s night—bonus points if you also have a piping-hot mug of hot chocolate! Which is why we try to incorporate fireplaces into our custom builds whenever possible. We’ve even done a slew of outdoor fireplaces as well! After all, those January/February winter nights in NC can get quite frigid. So, as we enter peak freezing season, we take a look back at some of our favorite unique fireplaces we’ve done in the past.

1511 Courtland by Urban Building Solutions family room

Who doesn’t love a stone fireplace?! This one in particular stands out from the bright white walls and cabinetry yet fits right in with the brownish-grey of the wood flooring. A wooden mantle on top of the fireplace ups the rustic factor.

2408 Kilgore Avenue: Custom Build by Urban Building Solutions

More storage space the merrier was the MO for this fireplace! The traditional design includes a white mantel and plenty of shelving on either side in a teal-green background color that’s seen throughout the main floor of the home.

404 E Whitaker Mill Road Custom Build by Urban Building Solutions

If you’re really into stone, this look is more up your alley! We decided to do stone for the entire accent well, still complemented by those white cabinets. The result is a more cabin-like look that promises ultra-comfort in the colder months.

213 Georgetown Road Custom Build by Urban Building Solutions

A white brick fireplace is oh-so-modern, and that background of bold teal instantly draws in the eyes and makes the entire wall the focal point of the room.

301 Georgetown Road Custom Build by Urban Building Solutions

A more subtle design, this all-white contemporary fireplace seamlessly blends into the same white of the accent wall—but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make a statement! This look is gaining popularity, primed to be all the rage this year.

505 Harvey Street Custom Build by Urban Building Solutions living room

For this home, we extended the colors of the kitchen into the living room with the green cabinetry on either side of the floor-to-ceiling white stone fireplace, which helps open up the entire floor plan and create symmetry.

404 E Whitaker Mill Road Custom Build by Urban Building Solutions

Who doesn’t love an outdoor fireplace? Even when it’s chilly outside, you can cozy up by the fire—and why not throw in some marshmallows for roasting too! Bonus points for the matching stone fireplace + floor.

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