At Urban Building Solutions, safety is our number one priority. May is Building Safety Month which is an international campaign celebrated each year to raise awareness about safety on construction sites.

We think this makes for a great opportunity to share with you some of the ways we ensure the safety of our employees on all of our job sites.

  1. All of our employees use fall protection when working at heights.
  2. We make sure a building manager is on-site at all times.
  3. We ensure that our employees have access to a bathroom and hot water facilities.
  4. We provide our employees with the proper attire for the weather.
  5. We provide dust masks and gloves.
  6. Our team does not let anyone enter the worksite without proper protective gear.
  7. Hard hats, high-visibility jackets, and steel-toed boots are worn by all of our employees.
  8. Seatbelts are worn when operating a vehicle or equipment.
  9. All of our tools are inspected at the beginning and end of each day.

These are just a few of the ways Urban Building Solutions is working to keep everyone safe on our job sites. We also stay up to date on building code changes and new safety measures to ensure our team is prepared for anything that could happen.

See How You Can Help Raise Awareness About Building Safety

The International Code Council is inviting everyone to join in celebrating virtually and in-person through social media, events, and by downloading and sharing digital educational materials for not only adults but kids, too! Each week in May has a theme that emphasizes the importance of building safety.

Week One (May 1-8, 2022): Energy and Innovation
Week Two (May 9-15, 2022): Building Safety Careers
Week Three (May 16-22, 2022): Disaster Preparedness
Week Four (May 23-31, 2022): Water Safety


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