A kitchen is only as cool as its appliances! Whether you’re a bona fide home cook who uses myriad cooking techniques, tons of dishes, and every inch of counter space whenever you make a meal or all you ever touch is the microwave, there’s really nothing more important to your kitchen space than the gadgets and gizmos it houses. But the wide world of kitchen appliances is ever-changing, as trends come in and out of popularity constantly. As a matter of fact, according to Martha Stewart, kitchens (and bathrooms) are the most renovated rooms in the home, with appliances being just one—but major—aspect of that.

From tiny coffee makers to giant fridges to state-of-the-art ovens, the kitchen appliance industry is vast. Stoves and electric cookware were the first to hit the market in the early 1900s—fast-forward to now and it’s a billion-dollar industry. In 2022, major appliance sales reached over $400 billion throughout the world, while small appliance sales clocked in at $240 billion. Now that’s a lot of espresso makers! This explosion is due to advanced technology, access to electricity, increased demand and wealth, among other factors.

All in all, kitchen appliances help make our lives easier, and in this day and age, we likely couldn’t live without them—or at least we’d have to put in a lot more work in the kitchen! Here, we spotlight some kitchen appliance trends we’ve utilized in our past custom builds.

Wine Fridge

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If you’re serious about your vino, a wine fridge is a necessity! Wet bars have become almost a standard in our custom builds, and the added wine fridge—plus wine rack display within the upper cabinets—takes it to the next level. A clear door allows you to further display those boujee bottles. Cheers to that!

Range Hood

A range hood, aka a vent hood, helps to capture and filter cooking grease and steam. Sometimes these appliances also have lights on them to help illuminate your cooktop. Vent hoods have come a long way, now available in different finishes like traditional stainless steel, matte black, copper, and more.

Warming Drawer

Feast your eyes on a three-in-one marvel—aka a stacked microwave, oven, and warming drawer! A warming drawer is especially ideal for when you’re preparing a large meal for a group, like, say, a dinner party or holiday feast. The compartment keeps dishes warm, and can also be used to help dough rise.

Six-Burner Gas Stove

Now you’re cooking with gas—literally! A six-burner stove is a game-changer, especially when you’re cooking for a crowd. Plus, a gas stove allows for better overall cooking flexibility and heat control, though, of course, it can be harder to clean than an electric stove. Nevertheless, chefs swear by gas!

Spruce Up Your Kitchen

We take great pride in ensuring each of the kitchens in our custom-built homes are equipped with the best of the best appliances in the game. And as kitchen trends evolve, as will we. The best thing about our custom homes is that you can get a say in it, curating each space exactly how you want it. Interested in learning more? Email us at Info@UBSolutions.org.