An architectural phenomenon has been on the rise! The open floor plan in homes can be traced back to several factors and historical developments over the past century. While there isn’t a single origin point for this architectural trend, we can identify key influences and events that contributed to its popularity. In recent years, open floor plans have become increasingly popular in modern homes. This architectural trend has gained widespread appeal for a variety of reasons. At Urban Building Solutions, we have designed dozens of custom homes that make the most of the open floor plan concept. We love seeing what our clients do with their spaces. Discover the advantages of open floor plans and explore why they have become a dominant feature in contemporary residential design.

A Brief History

The “Arts and Crafts Movement”, which emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, emphasized craftsmanship and a rejection of mass production. This movement promoted open and flexible floorplans that allowed for more natural light and a sense of unity between different living spaces. Post-World War II, mid-century modernism became a dominant architectural and design style. Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe championed open spaces and the integration of indoor and outdoor living. This period saw the popularization of the open floor plan, characterized by large, unobstructed spaces.

As societal norms and lifestyles evolved, so did home design. The concept of the nuclear family and its desire for communal living spaces contributed to the popularity of open floorplans. The idea of breaking down formal divisions between rooms aligned with the desire for more social and inclusive living spaces. Over time, architects and designers continued to experiment with open floorplans, adapting them to suit various architectural styles and cultural preferences. This led to the widespread adoption of open floor plans in different types of homes.

Since the beginning, Urban Building Solutions has focused on designing homes that allow for memories and milestones to be made. The evolution of open floor plans reflects not only changes in architectural design but also shifts in societal values, lifestyles, and technological advancements.

The Power of Open Floor Plans

301 Georgetown Road Custom Build by Urban Building Solutions

  1. Enhanced Social Interaction: Open floor plans create a seamless flow between living spaces, allowing family members and guests to interact more easily. Whether you’re preparing a meal in the kitchen, watching TV in the living room, or working at the dining table, you can engage in conversations and activities without the barriers of walls and doors.
  2. Increased Safety and Visibility: For families with children, open floor plans provide improved visibility, allowing parents to keep an eye on their kids from various areas of the home. This added safety can provide peace of mind and create a more family-friendly environment. Check out the featured Urban Building Solution’s custom home above that features visibility from all areas of the space.
  3. Integration with Outdoor Spaces: Open floor plans often feature large sliding doors or expansive windows that seamlessly connect indoor spaces with outdoor areas like patios or decks. This integration with nature enhances the overall living experience.

Embrace Open Space Living

The rise of the open floor plan in new homes can be attributed to their ability to create inviting, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing living environments, but there is so much more to love about this contemporary design style! The benefits of enhanced social interaction, natural light, versatility, safety, and modern aesthetics have made open floor plans a favored choice for homeowners seeking a contemporary and functional living space.

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, Urban Building Solutions can provide you with an open floor plan that suits your comfortable and connected lifestyle. We have completed dozens of stunning homes with unique open floor plans. Check them out below!

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