With the new year comes new trends, and we’re pretty excited about the tile styles predicted to be all the rage this year! If you know Urban Building Solutions, you know we love a good tile. Tile is a great way to spruce up a bathroom or kitchen—it can add color, depth, dimension, and more, creating an eye-catching focal point. Here are the top tile trends of 2023!

High Gloss / Metallic

301 Georgetown Road by Urban Building Solutions High gloss tile can make your space feel lighter and brighter as it reflects light. The illuminating effect forms a super interesting centerpiece. Metallic and metal tiles also create a beautiful shimmer!

Patterned / Mosaics

301 Georgetown Road by Urban Building Solutions Mosaic or patterned tiles instantly turn a wall into a piece of art! Choose mosaics for an accent wall or small space behind the sink, then finish the room with tiles in neutral colors.

Natural Stone

301 Georgetown Road by Urban Building Solutions Natural stone tiles in materials like granite, slate, marble, travertine, and limestone are predicted to be all the rage this year. And this trend remains timeless!

Textured Tile

505 Harvey Street Custom Build by Urban Building Solutions kitchen The best way to add depth to your space is textured tile. This dramatic trend produces a visual interest that stands out against neutral cabinets. The best part is, “perfectly imperfect” handcrafted designs make for a great conversation starter!

Monochromatic Checkerboard

1705 Center Road A vintage trend that has popped back up again, monochromatic checkerboard tile generates a great contrast in your kitchen or bathroom. It’s easy to play with, too, as you can really have fun with color in the rest of the room.

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